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Answering The Call: The U.S. Army Nurse Corps, 1917-1919: A commemorative Tribute to Military Nursing in World War I (ePub eBook)

Answering The Call: The U.S. Army Nurse Corps, 1917-1919: A commemorative Tribute to Military Nursing in World War I (ePub eBook)
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Only seventeen years after the establishment of the Army Nurse Corps (ANC), America entered into a global conflict known as World War I.  It was a short period, less than two years until the Armistice in 1918, but the demands on nurses were profound.   The ANC grew from 403 members to over 22,000 utilizing a significant portion of all the professional nurses in the United States.  Their willingness to volunteer was the blueprint for how nurses would answer the need for their services across the 20th century when patriots responded to a call to arms in support of our nation and freedom around the world.

Recognition of the valuable role nurses played during WWI led to the establishment, also in 1918, of the Army School of Nursing, a highly respected and unique institution that set exacting and enduring standards of quality.

In dedicating this commemorative publication to all Army nurses who served during the First World War, the Office of the Surgeon General and the U.S. Army Medical Command pay tribute to the significant contributions that the Army Nurse Corps made to the advancement of military medicine 90 years ago.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Foreword | vii

Tribute | viii

Editor’s Note | xi

Preface | xii

Introduction | xv

I. The Army Nurse Corps | 1

 Historical Background | 3

 Chief Nurses | 4

II. The Red Cross Solution | 15

 The Army Nurses Corps Goes Over There! | 17

 The Army Medical Department

 and the Red Cross | 27

 The Red Cross Hospitals | 28

 The Army Nurse in England | 45

III. Stateside Nursing | 47

 The Army School of Nursing | 49

 Training | 61

 African American Nurses | 65

IV. On the Battlefield | 67

 Buddy Aid | 69

 Litter Bearers | 71

 Ambulances | 76

 Field Hospitals | 80

 Mobile Hospitals | 83

 Evacuating the Wounded | 91

 Evacuation Hospitals | 97

 Hospital Trains | 105

 Camp Hospitals | 113

V. Behind the Lines | 127

 Quarters and Living Conditions | 129

 Leisure | 135

 In the Operating Room | 152

 Central Medical Department Laboratory | 168

 Disease | 175

 Death | 186

 Hospital Centers | 197

 Convalescence | 211

VI. Victory! | 217

 Farewell to France | 219

 Awards and Citations | 224

Summary | 236

Acknowledgements | 237

Bibliography | 238


Members of the military and veterans, especially in military nursing positions, as well as those engaged in gender studies, studying the roles of women in the military, and military and WWI enthusiasts would enjoy this publication.


Library Journal Special Feature Article by Jim Church "Looking Back, Moving On: 2008 Best Notable Government Documents"

"Documenting the contributions and accomplishments of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps nurses in World War I, this book gathers here for the first time rare and carefully chosen monochomatic photographs and quotations from personal accounts and official sources that depict these nurses' rich and varied experiences."

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U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Army, Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Center & School and The Borden Institute
2010, 254 pages


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