Air National Guard at 60: A History (eBook)

Air National Guard at 60: A History (eBook)
Air National Guard at 60: A History (eBook)
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The Air National Guard’s role within the Air Force has matured and changed enormously since its establishment as a separate reserve component September 18, 1947. Air National Guard members have served around the world and their military experience and civilian skills have proven invaluable as our nation prosecuted conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. They also served during several major contingencies including the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Berlin Crisis of 1961 and 1962. In addition, Air Guard members made major contributions in a host of other operations in Panama, the Balkans, Somalia, Rwanda, Haiti, and the Iraq no-fly zones instituted after Operation Desert Storm.

In the United States, the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts brought into sharp focus the Air Guard’s well-established role as America’s hometown Air Force. The Air National Guard flew over 3,000 sorties, moved over 30,000 passengers, and hauled over 11,000 tons of desperately needed supplies into Gulf Coast airfields, some of which Guard personnel opened and operated. Air National Guard members rescued 1,443 people—heroically saving people stranded by the flood. At eight sites along the Gulf Coast, Air National Guard medical units treated more than 15,000 patients, combining expert medical care with compassion.










Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Foreword p. i

Building a Total Force p. 1

Volunteers p. 17

America Attacked: September 11, 2001 p. 33

Wars Without End p. 45

Support to Civil Authorities p. 57

Epilogue: Toward the Future p. 67


Members of the Air National Guard and Veterans, other members of the military, military historians and students involved with military and political studies will find this publication useful, with its descriptions of the Air National Guard's involvement in major disasters, warfare, and other operations.

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