Air Force Civil Engineer; V.25 #2,2017

V.25 #2,2017; Air Force Civil Engineer
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Air Force Civil Engineer magazine is "By Engineers, For Engineers"--a source for the latest news, information and senior leader perspective relevant to U.S. Air Force Civil Engineers.

Excert from this issue of Air Force Civil Engineer:

"In this issue you’ll learn about the San Antonio Lean In Circle, which comprises women across the Air Force from the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, the AF Personnel Center, AF Installation and Mission Support Center and the San Antonio River Authority. Inspired by Sheryl Sanberg’s book 'Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead,' these women formed a group to encourage and empower each other to serve as leaders.

You’ll also read about how Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea, developed an innovative way to train Airmen engineers to 'fight tonight.' To address a gap in hands-on experience replacing high voltage equipment, an operational readiness exercise was developed that enables Airmen to replace transformers during OREs. This provided valuable training that our CE Airmen rarely receive.

After reading the Summer 2017 CE Magazine, I hope squadron commanders and Airmen engineers will be inspired to take action. Seize the opportunity to share your ideas and collaborate with your fellow Airmen. The future of the CE enterprise will be built upon your achievements.

Engineers lead the way!"

Timothy S. Green Major General, USAF

Director of Civil Engineers

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:


4 Prime BEEF training refreshes hands-on skills

7 Empowering Airmen builds a culture of innovation

9 CE DASH: Technical support for CEs in the field

10 Kunsan fosters innovation by training Airmen to fight tonight

12 Air Force changes cost-estimating methods for MILCON, FSRM

14 Firefighters improve first-responder interoperability, training partnerships

16 Facility assessment vehicles could solve roof-inspection shortfalls

17 Have an idea? Spitball it!

18 Predictive flood mapping helps focus CE efforts

21 Cybersecurity: Think globally, act locally

22 Dyess CEs restoring lost art of customer service

23 Tech-savvy CEs stay a step ahead

24 Merging two ‘unloved’ technologies results in enhanced firefighting capabilities

26 Technology certification program aids managers


27 Light emitting diodes may power the future of water treatment

28 AMPs ripe for innovation

Career Development:

30 Embracing opportunities

31 From CE to basic military trainer

32 Lean In making a big impact

33 Get outside your comfort zone

34 CEs enhance leadership skills with Academy experience


Air Force Civil Engineers, members of the military, military leaders, civilian engineers, and Air Force and engineering enthusiasts would enjoy this publication.

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