After The Spring: Reforming Arab Armies

After The Spring: Reforming Arab Armies
After The Spring: Reforming Arab Armies
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The Arab Spring had a military dimension in both its targets—regimes with a military background—and its outcomes. Where the armed forces acted in their entirety or partially sided with the protesters, regime change succeeded; where they did not, it failed.

The somewhat renewed political role of Arab forces has therefore underlined not only their importance, but also the necessity for reform. This monograph focuses on the structural aspects of reform that would benefit the Arab Spring forces; it identifies seven features which need to be addressed when attempting Arab military reform in the countries affected by largescale unrest in 2011. These are: an unclear mandate, over-politicization, lack of civilian oversight, a challenging ongoing security situation, limited resources, pockets of paramilitary activity, and, in parts, lack of an institutional perception of the need to reform. It looks at the reasons for these features and formulates possible solutions.

FLORENCE GAUB is a Senior Analyst at the European Union Institute for Security Studies where she heads the Middle East/Mediterranean program. She works on the Arab world with a focus on strategy and security. In addition to monitoring post-conflict developments in Iraq, Lebanon, and Libya, she works on Arab military forces, conflict structures, geo-strategic dimensions of the Arab region, and intercultural communication. She was previously assigned to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Defence College and the German parliament. Dr. Gaub has published several articles and two books on these topics, and has lectured widely with European governments, the NATO school at Oberammergau, Joint Forces Command Naples, and several think tanks and universities in the Middle East, Europe and the United States. Dr. Gaub holds degrees from Sciences Po Paris, Sorbonne, and Munich universities. She holds a Ph.D. from Humboldt University Berlin, where she wrote her thesis on the Lebanese army.


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This content may appeal to military defense analysts, contractors, political scientists, military historians, policymakers, and others interested in intergovernmental reform within the Arab states, predominantly in the Middle East and North Africa. Military science, political science, and cultural studies program students may be benefit from this book that provides insights about Arab state reform with intervention from Western allies.

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  • Gaub, Florence
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