Advice for Advisors: Suggestions and Observations From Lawrence to the Present (eBook)

Advice for Advisors: Suggestions and Observations From Lawrence to the Present (eBook)
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This anthology by Robert D. Ramsey III presents 14 insightful, personal accounts from those who have advised foreign armies in various times and places over the last 100 years. The articles are from past and present advisors and are presented without editing or commentary. Each one presents valuable lessons, insights, and suggestions from the authors’ firsthand experiences. Readers will thus make their own judgments and analysis in support of their unique requirements.

Combat Studies Institute Global War on Terrorism Occasional Paper 19.

Table of Contents



Reading 1 “Twenty-Seven Articles” by T. E. Lawrence

Reading 2 “The Nation-builder: Soldiers of the Sixties by Captain Richard A. Jones

Reading 3 “American Advisors Overseas” by Edward C. Stewart

Reading 4 “The District Advisor” by Captain James F. Ray

Reading 5 “Advisor and Counterpart” by Colonel Bryce F. Denno

Reading 6 “Advising the Advisor” by Major Irving C. Hudlin

Reading 7 “Senior Officer Debriefing Report” by Major General John H. Cushman

Reading 8 “Some Advice for the Prospective Advisor” by Major David L. Shelton

Reading 9 “After Action Report, 2d MILZONE OPATT Chief” by Major Gregory T. Banner

Reading 10 “Rebuilding the Iraqi Army” by Major Mike Sullivan

Reading 11 “The Role of the American Advisor” by Major O. Kent Strader 

Reading 12 “Training Iraqi Forces” by Major David H. Marshall

Reading 13 “Marine Foreign Military Advisors: The Road Ahead” by Lieutenant Colonel Andrew R. Milburn and Major Mark C. Lombard

Reading 14 “The American Military Advisor and His Foreign Counterpart: The Case of Vietnam” by Gerald C. Hickey

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Military leaders, strategists and members, as well as military historians, Veterans, and anyone with an interest in military history will find this publication useful.

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U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Army, Combat Studies Institute
2010, 193 pages
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