New Releases

Welcome to the  New Releases section of our US Government Online Bookstore.   

In this collection, you will find new publication and subscription releases.  We receive new products daily from the three branches of the United States Federal Government.  Please check back frequenty to find new regulatory guidance or Federal laws passed by the U.S. Congress, Government Directories & Official Forms, Business and Finance including economic policy and accounting,auditing & tax  practices, exporting and foreign tradeJobs & Employmentsmall business, Labor-Management Relations, Personnel Management and Retirement, and more. 

We also have an abundance of health guidance produced by the Department of Agriculture and Department of Health and Human Services including exercise & fitness,  nutrition, food, farming & agriculture, diseases and pandemics, including AIDS, cancer, diabetes & obesity,  children's health, Emergency Medicineimmunizations & vaccinationsmental health, aging, men's health, women's health, substance abuse, animal health, pharmaceuticals, Nursing, patient safetyPhysicans, Physical Therapy, Medicare, Veterans Health, Veterans Benefits, and more.

If you are looking for new materials relating to recreation, leisure activities or travel, we have many publications from the National Park Service and Department of Transportation including updated regulations relating to the Federal Aviation Administration, and Federal Highways Administration, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, Federal Transit Administration, Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration, and more. 

We also receive new materials relating to you, such as consumer safety & advice, disaster preparednesshome and property maintenance, gardening, mortgages & loans, parenting resources, and guidance about consumer financial protection and consumer product safety


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