International Ordering

International online ordering

  • Please place all orders in English.
  • All orders are payable only in U.S. dollars.

International Shipping

Standard international shipping is free, but click here to learn more about our international shipping terms and conditions.

How to Switch to International Prices

The U.S. Government Bookstore can switch back and forth between displaying all product prices for either domestic (USA) or international (non-USA) delivery.

Please note that, by default, when you open up the website the posted prices are USA prices, reflecting the cost for shipping domestic orders to addresses within the United States, unless specifically labeled as International prices.

There are two ways to view International prices across the site.

  1. IN THE TOP MENU OF EVERY PAGE: Go to the top right-hand corner of the website in the menu area just above the Cart/Checkout button. Find the  "Display prices for USA | International" line and click on the International link. All prices in the site will switch to International prices for shipping to non-USA addresses. To switch back to U.S. prices, click on the USA link.
  2. ON ANY PRODUCT PAGE: You can also switch to International prices on any product page. To the right of the product image you will see the pricing line. The default will be to show the U.S. prices, which will display as: "USA List Price: $xx.xx  Display International Price". Click on the "Display International Price" link and the prices on the entire site will switch over to the non-USA version. To switch back to U.S. prices, click on the "Display US Price" link.

Using either method will change the prices from USA to International on all main Bookstore pages and search results. This will also set your Shopping Cart to place an International order.

To switch back to USA prices

To switch back to prices for orders shipping to U.S. addresses, just click on the USA link at the top of the site, or on the "Display US Price" link on any individual product page.

International price includes foreign delivery surcharge

Orders for delivery outside of the United States are subject to a 40 percent surcharge for special handling. International shipping options include surface mail and airmail delivery. surface mail delivery will be used unless the order specifies otherwise; the charge for this delivery service is already reflected in the International price.

Airmail delivery is available upon request for an additional charge; restrictions are based on the international postal zone of the recipient.

Airmail rate inquiries can be made by calling (202) 512-1800 or by sending an email to [email protected].

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