Aspects of Leadership: Ethics, Law, and Spirituality

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Aspects of Leadership is a book that brings together scholars from different disciplines and practitioners from a broad variety of backgrounds to address three key areas: Ethics; Law, and Spirituality. Aspects of Leadership intends to inform leaders, and the general public, about the challenges of ethical decision making, the application of the law of war and the important role of spirituality in the battlefield. Essays are about ethics and armed conflict in the 21st Century. Edited by Carroll Connelley and Paolo Tripodi.


Table of Contents:

Introduction / Carroll Connelley


Leadership, ethics and culture in COIN operations: case examples from Marjeh, Afghanistan / Brian Christmas and Paula Holmes-Eber ;
Ethics and irregular warfare: the role of the stakeholder theory and care ethics / Geoffroy Murat ;
A pedagogy of practical military ethics / Clinton A. Culp ;
Leadership in a world of blurred responsibilities / Emmanuel R. Goffi ;
When loyalty to comrades conflicts with military duty / J. Peter Bradley ;
Leadership and the ethics of dissent: reflections from the Holocaust / Paolo Tripodi ;
Enacting a culture of ethical leadership: command and control as unifying mind / Clyde Croswell and Dan Yaroslaski

Training the rules of engagement for the counterinsurgency fight / Winston Williams ;
Rules of engagement: law, strategy, and leadership / Laurie R. Blank ;
Humanity in War: leading by example; the role of the Commander in modern warfare / Jamie A. Williamson ;
Agency of Risk: the balance between protecting military forces and the civilian population / Chris Jenks ; Accountability or impunity: rules and limits of command responsibility / Kenneth Hobbs


Spiritual injuries: wounds of the American warrior on the Battlefield of the Soul / David Gibson and Judy Malana ;
Soldier spirituality in a combat zone: preliminary findings / Franklin Eric Wester ;
The spiritual as nexus for the ethical and legal / Jeffrey S. Wilson ;
The religious factor in military leadership / Paula Otis ;
Spiritual leadership in the battle space: Who is in charge? A personal essay / Arnold Fields.

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