Blue Versus Orange: The U.S. Naval War College, Japan and the Old Enemy in the Pacific, 1945-1946

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Blue versus Orange closely analyzes war gaming at the Naval War college in the academic year 1945–46, as both a reflection and source of the U.S. Navy’s doctrinal and strategic responses to the experience of World War II—responses that would help the Navy shape its approach to the new conditions from which the Cold War soon emerged, as well as, effectively, lay groundwork for the seminal Maritime Strategy of the 1980s.  In the course of analysis the book describes in detail the practice of naval war gaming—of which the College was and remains a world leader—in that era.

This book is a companion to the author’s Digesting History which was published by NWCP (Naval War College Press), sold by GPO, and winner of the North American Society for Oceanic History’s 2010 John Lyman Book Prize for Primary Source Materials, Reference Works, and Guide Books.

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List of Acronyms and Abbreviations

I. Context at the College: The Setting at the U.S. Naval War College, 1945–1946

II. Maneuver Rules: The Conduct of the Maneuver, June 1945

III. More Rules of the Road, June 1945

IV. Maneuver Rules Continued, June 1945

V. The Maneuver Rules Completed, June 1945

VI. Operations Problem 4: Night Search and Attack, September 1945

VII. Operations Problem 5: The Blue Statement, October 1945

VIII. Operations Problem 5: The Orange Statement, October 1945

IX. Operations Problem 5: The History of Maneuver, October 1945

X. Operations Problem 6: Amphibious Assaults, October 1945

XI. Task Force Disposition, Naval Search, and Chart Maneuver Exercises, January 1946

XII. Convoy Protection and Naval Communications, January 1946–February 1946

XIII. Operations Problem 1 and Board Maneuvers, February 1946

XIV. Operations Problem 2: The Blue and Orange Statements, February 1946

XV. Operations Problem 2: History of Maneuver, February 1946


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